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Punnagai Mannan Tamil Movie

punnagai mannan tamil full movie | kamal hassan super hit latest tamil full movie

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  1. Unknown says:

    Sethu (Kamal Haasan) and Ranjani (Rekha) arrive at a cliff where they plan to commit suicide due to the pressure put up by Ranjani's parents against their marriage. Sethu who is the son of an ordinary drunkard cook (Delhi Ganesh) and is also a dancer is not accepted as groom for Ranjani by her parents. The parents threaten Ranjani that either they would kill Sethu or commit suicide. While jumping from the cliff, Sethu accidentally gets trapped in a tree and escapes but Ranjani dies. Despite the attempts made by Ranjani's father to jail Sethu by framing a fault case that Sethu killed Ranjani, no strong evidence was there to prove it. Sethu is jailed for the offence of attempted suicide for one year.
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  2. I like to watch Indian movies. This film impressed me a lot, there are many emotions, emotions, I have seen this film many times without boring.
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